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Prompt Post 1

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At least one of the characters in your prompt must have been in Captain America: The First Avenger or Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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The Skull's Super Joy Division, Final Part

[personal profile] lauralot 2014-04-20 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Tony watches—skims—the atrocity because if something’s going to get Captain Boy Scout to go all Hulk Smash on his property, he’d at least like to be aware of what it is in order to best make sure he never inadvertently triggers a memory of it. Or only does so while in the suit and with a damn good reason. He can’t imagine what such a reason would ever be, but if there’s one thing he’s learned—beyond that Pepper’s allergic to strawberries and no one should try to take Thor’s hammer—it’s that life can be damn unpredictable.

Sam Wilson is also of the opinion that they should at least glance over it so they know better what’s kicking around in Barnes’s head, and as Sam and Bruce are the only people Tony trusts with anything remotely therapeutic, he’s inclined to agree.

It isn’t his first brush with the genre, because there comes a time in every red-blooded American teen’s life when he’s stupid and horny enough to think watching Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS is a good idea—probably, possibly—and so he isn’t as taken aback by the exploitation, sleaze, and bad dubbing as he likely ought to be. Still, he can only imagine what must have gone through the mind of someone who lived through the real thing, to see it used for titillation value. Poor titillation value, too, though that wasn’t relevant at the moment.

Tony’s thoughts drift to a cave in the Middle East, a time he tries to forget, and if someone had eroticized that…yeah, the people responsible would have repulsor blasts through all their personal effects in short order.

“I can’t remove it from the Internet,” he announces when Cap returns, followed by his shadow, who is fussing at the bandages on Rogers’s hand with the most concerned expression Barnes can muster. “Well, I could try, but it’d be fruitless. I can whip up a program so anyone who tries uploading or downloading it’ll catch a seriously nasty virus, if you’d like.”

Rogers just shrugs, and if there were any more tension to his jaw, Tony wonders if it wouldn’t snap right off.

“Bucky,” Sam says, and for all Tony can adjust to in the world—gods, green rage monsters, Capsicles—he doubts he’ll ever be able to reconcile such an innocent, upbeat name with the perpetually scowling, horribly tortured individual with the unfortunate but swoon-worthy hair. “How are you?”

“My hand is fine,” Barnes says, and it takes Tony a second to remember the smashed remote shards that hadn’t even left a scratch on the bionic arm. It’s taking him a second to remember anything, he finds, because watching porn of your friends tends to fuck up your ability to interact with them for at least a couple of minutes afterward. Whoever first thought up “sexy Nazis” had better be getting goosesteps to the head in hell. Yeah, their uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss, but that excuse could only take things so far.

“But how are you?” Sam persists, and Tony can’t tell if the pause before Barnes’s next words is out of embarrassment or hesitation, or just an inability to recognize and name his own emotions.


Steve looks like a wounded puppy and Tony begins to itch, not just because this is all deeply personal, but because for all the weakness he’s felt, he has no idea how to be of help here. He’s not sure there’s any official guide for “How Not to Make Things Worse When a POW Finds Porn Eroticizing Their Torture.” How much of a market for that can there be?

“Panicking when you’re reminded of a traumatic event isn’t weakness,” Sam counters, though he says it softly and in such a way that it doesn’t sound like an argument, or even a counterpoint. He has a way of saying things that makes them indisputable facts. “We all carry our experiences with us, and if it’s unexpectedly sprung on you, then—”

Barnes shakes his head. “No, weak because I let them break me.” His eyes met Rogers’s. “I let them turn me against you.”

“Bucky.” There’s a tremble in Rogers’s voice and if the American Dream breaks down crying in Stark Tower, Tony’s not sure he’ll be able to handle it. He copes through humor, but there’s a time and a place and this is neither. “You weren’t responsible for what they did.”

“They could never have done it to you,” Barnes says, and his tone makes it clear that, missing memories and trauma aside, he thinks the world of Rogers.

“I never went through what they did to you.” Rogers’s arms are wrapped around his friend, so tight Tony nearly expects to hear the assassin’s back pop. It’d be the sappiest thing in the world if it weren’t so genuine.

“You won’t.” Barnes is so quiet Tony barely hears the words. “That won’t happen. Never.”

The look of admiration and compassion on Cap’s face is so sincere and overwhelming that Tony can feel his blood turn to sugar. Something passes between the pair, some unspoken moment, and when Rogers leads their exit from the room, murmuring softly to his friend, Barnes looks marginally less miserable, which, for Barnes, is a huge leap in progress.

“You think they need a moment in the sunset, or are you heading out after them?” he asks Sam, turning his attention back to list JARVIS has pulled up of recent computer activity. He’s going to need to add some form of parental controls that can outwit a man who’s mostly machine to keep this from happening a second time. Sam could be useful in compiling possible triggers, but his eyes fall on the recent downloads and Tony decides setting up a personal Net Nanny can wait. “Fair warning, if you stay, I’m about to check out Avengers XXX.

The sound Sam makes is either a laugh or a disgusted cough, or perhaps a blend of the two. “Seriously?”

“There are some things man was not meant to know. How well a porn star pulls off Tony Stark isn’t one of them. Not for me.”

“You’re fucked in the head,” Sam tells him, but there’s a smile on his face as he makes his way out, and if there’s one thing this household could use more of, it’s smiles.
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Re: The Skull's Super Joy Division, Final Part

[personal profile] thelatepapers 2014-05-03 08:09 am (UTC)(link)
gah I literally just commented on one of your other fills so I feel kind of awkward and ridiculous doing it again so soon but this is so good. so so good. You have such a great handle on the character's voices.

Re: The Skull's Super Joy Division, Final Part

[personal profile] lauralot 2014-05-03 12:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Comments are legitimately the fuel that keeps my fingers typing, so don't feel awkward and ridiculous about leaving them! Thank you so much.