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Steve/Bucky, Spoilers, Ds-verse: I'm Yours to the End of the Line


Prompt: In a Ds-verse or ABO-verse, Bucky is a sub/omega/whatever. How does that affect him being the Winter Soldier? Does it make him easier to control, or harder, because his handlers aren't Steve?

Fill: I'm Yours to the End of the Line - Eventual Spoilers, Warnings for Torture, Brainwashing, Consent Issues, and other associated Winter Soldier triggers.

Summary: He carries the letter around for a whole day, trying to decide what to do. He's tempted to lie to Steve and say he's enlisted. It's a prettier thing to say, and it's a lie that might make him feel better, but.

But. He doesn't actually want to go. Steve has always been the noble one. Bucky just lives his life in hope for his approval.

“I don't want to leave ya,” Bucky admits, after showing Steve the letter. “Who's gonna take care of you?”

Steve's face looks – sad. “I know, Buck,” he says. “But you try too hard to take care of me. It's not good for you. Maybe this will be.”

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