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Fool's Gold (Steve/Double Agent Winter Soldier), post CA:TWS


He has never failed a mission, and thus is unprepared when the fail-safe kicks in. Unprepared, but not surprised. Of course there is a plan B.

[Find Captain Rogers.]
[Assume identity Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.]
[Get close. Gain his trust. Wait for us to contact you.]

The asset gets to pose as a person. He has to hide both his increasing malfunctions and his lack of a soul to gain the target's trust. While he soaks up being treated as a human, he soon finds that he is capable of greed – oh, all the things he wants. But he has had such misdirected ambitions before, and he remembers very clearly where that got him.

Rating will be explicit eventually. Warnings in each chapter (mostly violence and dehumanization).

WIP fill:

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