Someone wrote in [community profile] capkink 2014-02-12 11:45 pm (UTC)

Steve/Pepper, Just for Pun

Make this happen --> Pepper Potts's Every Flavor Steves

I don't really care how. Idea the first: Pepper & Steve bond over art. Museum Dates! Pepper introduces Steve to Color Field Painting, Abstract Expression and the Uptown Group! Then she curates an exhibit of Captain America art and memorabilia with the aforementioned phrase.

Idea the Second: Not too long after Pepper takes over as CEO of Stark Industries, SI debuts its line of robotic assistants modeled (in looks) after Captain America and dubbed by the press as PPEFS — which gets really awkward when Captain America is found alive.

Or some combination of the two, Robot Art! Art-making robots! I don't care. I just want the pun and some Steve/Pepper smooches.

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