Someone wrote in [community profile] capkink 2014-02-12 11:35 pm (UTC)

vague spoilers, Bucky/Sam & Steve/Sharon, tw: past homophobia

At some point after Bucky gets his memories back and is re-integrated into society, Steve notices just how much Bucky and Sam like each other. And Steve was the only person who knew back then that Bucky was into guys, and he's promised Bucky to never tell a soul, but now he can see ho badly the two are pining for each other (but like, Bucky still hasn't dealt with his issues and thinks he doesn't deserve happiness, which is why he doesn't pursue Sam, while Sam thinks Bucky probably is straight and wouldn't take too kindly to a guy asking him for date?) and he decides he just has to help his friends get together? Cue Sharon and Steve inviting them on what basically amounts to lots of double dates and not-so-subtle attempts to get them to just kiss already?

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