Someone wrote in [community profile] capkink 2014-02-15 01:00 am (UTC)

Loki/Steve, Arranged Marriage

prompt ignores Thor 2

Freya is really unhappy about the idea of Loki spending eternity imprisoned. Odin comes up with an idea that will make her happy: Marrying him to a Midgardian. Loki's marriage vows will magically prevent him from causing anymore harm to the people and world his betrothed represents. He'll be banished and unable to return to Asgard to cause problems there. And Odin will save face among his subjects for giving preferential treatment to his son, because peace treaties sealed by marriage alliances fall under different rules.

He offers some really cool technology/magic/science to Midgard in exchange that could potentially save thousands of lives, and the WSC jumps at the chance to take it. The only people that Odin considers to have high enough status since there's multiple governments on Earth are the Avengers. Tony's in love with Pepper, Clint's still too traumatized by Loki, Bruce can't risk a Hulk-out, which just leaves Steve and Natasha. Steve, ever the gentleman, volunteers.

Loki starts out biding his time until he can find a way to get around his vows and his banishment and assumes Steve hates him. Steve, though, takes marriage seriously and tries really hard to be a decent husband and set aside their past.

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