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Steve/Bucky Fic Search

I'm looking for a bunch of Steve/Bucky fics and I have no desire to go waddling through 6000-odd fics on A03... even though I have been doing that for the last week or so.

Please link me, if any one rings a bell -

- Bucky doesn't get hard because of all the trauma and Steve sucks on his flacid penis.

- Post-Serum!Steve gives Bucky a boob job.

- CA:TFA!AU. There is no serum. Bucky goes to war, Steve works for Howard Stark. Bucky returns and they live together.
(There are many fics following this theme, but the one I'm looking has a final scene where someone is interviewing old!Steve and old!Bucky when Tony Stark crashes the interview. He is their godson and they have been raising him since Howard and Maria's death)

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